Behind the Scenes

Puku™ is an authentic brand for kids, designed to ignite the imagination within.


Born from nothing more than a simple idea, a chance meeting in an elevator, a lot of passion, determination and pure hard work; Puku™ is the brainchild of Farshad Tehrani and his co-founders, Brendan & Karen Hutchieson and Alejandro Salomon.  We are from all walks of life, all shapes, sizes and colors; but LA is the city that has brought us together.  


Puku™ is a brand for kids, by kids at heart.  We are passionate creators, story-tellers, thinkers and business people that have a lot of fun doing what we do!  We strive to create products of exceptional quality, desirability, user safety and user friendliness.     


The Puku™ family represents real kids on real journeys.  We are ready to create the future, all missions possible.  Come join us on this wonderful journey!